Welcome to PVR Georgia.

If you have found this new site, you are either a member of the Valley or Googled PVR GEORGIA.

Here is the story behind PVR Georgia.

Several members suggested we have Valley Life window stickers for our vehicles. While we plan to offer Valley Life Stickers, another member came up with the suggestion to have a sticker like this.

Sarah in the office ordered stickers with the above logo. Sarah wanted a way to promote PVR Georgia, without directly linking it to the Valley home page, so we are building a site, PVRGeorgia.com. This new site will be online no later than October 1st.

This will allow our members to have stickers on thier cars to let other members know you are from the Valley, without shouting to the world, we are nudist. The new site will be very tasteful and let interested individuals know how to learn more about Valley Life and the resort.

Please check back in October and see how we promote PVR Georgia.

Looking forward to a fantastic future at the Valley.